English Summary

The National Museum of Education is located in the building ‘De Holland’ on the Burgemeester de Raadtsingel 97. Visitors are welcome into a completely new museum from the 11th of July 2015.

The entire collection in care of the museum consist of over 350.000 objects that are in some way related to education; from textbooks, wall-charts, ink jars, atlases, photo’s and educational films to diaries and schoolbags. From summer 2015 onwards a large part of this collection will be on display in the museum yet again.

The National Museum of Education organizes a variety of projects. One of these projects by the National Museum of Education is the website www.historywallcharts.eu.
This website shows wall-charts from various European countries, which were meant for history lessons. The wall-charts belong to the collections of Denmark’s Paedagogiske Bibliothek (National Library of Education, Denmark), of the Forschungsstelle: Schulwandbild (department of the University of Würzburg, Germany) and of the National Museum of Education in Dordrecht. Please visit www.historywallcharts.eu for more information.

Guided tours: Highlights of the National Museum of Education
This tour shows the most extraordinary, rare and most beautiful items of our grand collection. Be amazed by the classic 18th century ‘Hornbook’, the nostalgic ‘Aap Noot Mies’ reading method, the fine wall charts by Cornelis Jetses and the unique tellurium by Van Laun. Be fascinated by the sometimes personal, often funny and in a few cases emotional stories that shaped Dutch education throughout the past few centuries.

Duration: 1 hour
Costs: €75,- per group of 15 persons (entrance fee not included)

For more information, please contact our department of Education by:
T +31 78 632 20
E educatie@onderwijsmuseum.nl